Custom Painted Sunglasses

  • The same design approach and craftsmanship found in our cycling gloves, apparel, and shoes is found in these cycling / active sunglasses. For Full Custom there is full creative freedom (scroll down for restrictions)

    There was no short fall on performance. This model comes with a gentle curvature in the lens for optimal clear vision in all conditions, 2 lower lens ducts to reduce fogging, and a light, durable, and comfortable frame for all day rides. 

    Process: These are made to order using premium paint made specific for sunglasses, prep work, and sealing to guarantee daily use durability. Finish time is 48-72 hours after purchase and color confirmation. This assures each pair is unique and personalized per user.

    Lens:Mirror Blue Frost only.

    Frame:Design your own. Some restrictions apply due to space limitation. 

    Artist consultation included post purchase for finalized design.

  • One size fits all.
  • Made to order using premium paint made specific for sunglasses.