S1:E1 Fade'n'splatter Sunglasses

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Product details

The top priority was to bring the same approach and uniqueness found in our cycling gloves, apparel, and shoes to cycling specific sunglasses. For season 1 episode 1 the paint design features a smooth 2 or 3 color-way fade and a touch of splatter to keep things fun. Color choice is all up to you, pick the colors you most identify with, or simply to match your ride style or kit of the day. (scroll for more)

There was no short fall on performance. This model comes with a gentle curvature in the lens for optimal clear vision in all conditions, 2 lower lens ducts to alleviate fogging, and a light yet durable and comfortable frame for all day rides. 

Process: These are made to order using premium paint made specific for sunglasses, proper prep work, and sealing to guarantee daily use durability. Finish time is 48-72 hours after purchase and color confirmation. This assures each pair is unique and personalized per user.

Lens: Comes in Mirror Blue Frost only.

Frame: Fade & Splatter, user selects colors. 

*Artist consultation included post purchase for finalized color choice