Meet the Handske Team

Sem Gallegos
crash test dummy

Sem, born & raised in Texas, developed a passion for riding and racing bikes early on. After chasing big goals in the sport, he chose a career in the industry.

Today, Sem continues to enjoy life on two wheels and outdoor activities from hiking up the cliff side to shredding down on snow. His experience in the industry stretches from store owner and service manager to operations director of Kogel Bearings

Quote: If Iived closer to the ocean, I  would also enjoy long walks along the beach.

Ard kessels
master of none

Ard was born in The Netherlands and therefore has literally been riding and racing bikes longer than he can remember. He thinks it is unfair when people ask him to choose his favorite bike.

Previous careers include product developer in the fashion industry and a stint as a bike shop owner. After following his wife to the US in 2013 for her career, they now live wherever the job sends her.

Quote: My two hobbies are eating and riding bikes. They need to balance each other.