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Bubbles - Windproof Cycling Glove

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Jordan Low the King of Fades returns for this collection in a cascading fall fade. As the temperatures drop these coming months, you'll be sure to seek the sun's rays and let them glimmer on each colorful bubble. The warmth at your hands has never been more satisfying than that of a post ride bubbling hot chocolate.

The Bubbles glove features our standard tech giving you

βˆ™ confidence inspiring silicone-printed palms

βˆ™ a perforated, breathable top panel

βˆ™ touch screen sensitivity so you never have to miss a selfie moment

βˆ™ a more relaxed fit to keep the blood flowing in your fingers.

βˆ™ full-size terrycloth thumb panel for wiping the thrills off your face after braving the elements.