Last Sundays Ride Wmn's MTB Jersey

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Product details

A limited edition women's specific MTB jersey for the Last-Sunday's Crew. When you purchase this jersey, you are supporting more than just a brand, you are supporting a growing community and empowering women mountain bikers. To learn more about their mission, scroll down to the bottom of the page.  

It is made with our Heromax all-season fabric and in 3/4 sleeves, designed to keep you cool, comfortable, and looking stylish. It features a medium to loose fitting cut and lightweight Italian fabrics that wick away sweat for maximum breathability. Graphics made in house by LSR member and artist, Fernanda Polanco. Only available in women's sizing. 

About LSR

An organization dedicated to developing programs for women. Last Sundays Ride supports and advocates for women with hands-on informative clinics and rides while providing them with the necessary tools to evolve their strength and confidence for sport and other aspects of life.

Mission Statement

There is a general perception that mountain biking is a rough and intimidating sport, or simply a small percentage of women interested in riding bikes. So we decided to take a step towards changing the paradigm. Our goal is to inspire and motivate other women to participate in the sport. Mountain biking requires time, practice and patience but with proper guidance the reward is very well worth the effort. We are ready and eager to counsel you through the whole process, from newcomer to experienced.

"At LSR, we are committed to creating a community for all female mountain bikers in El Paso and its surrounding region with the purpose of educating women to be independent, free, empowered, and overcoming challenging bike trails."

— Last Sundays Ride Crew