Custom Shoes

Handske by kDD’s purpose is to create and personalize custom cycling & lifestyle shoes just for you. All custom footwear is made with the same purpose found in our glove and apparel line of creating community by crafting quality workmanship, representing creativity, and empowering artists.

Meet the artist

Retired pro surfer, former bike shop owner, turned graphic guru. Kyle from kdD has an affinity to turning shoes into magic via his creative art.


Custom Cycling Shoe

  • Q: What is the process?
  • A: There are two options to getting custom shoes. First option is to choose from the seasonal designs that will range from 2-3 per season. In this option select from available new shoe options or send in your own and add to cart. In the check out process ensure to provide correct size in the notes box. The second option is the full custom. This option requires a consultation form our art advisors. Select from the options in the drop down menu, whether you are purchasing a pair of new shoes from us or you will be sending in your own. After this has been selected, added to cart, and purchased you will receive an order confirmation email shortly and a follow up consultation email within 24 hours.
  • Q: What am I paying for?
  • A: When ordering from our seasonal options, you are paying for the cost of the shoes plus the time it takes to create the final artwork product. All custom shoes are original ONE offs. So Art, layout and shade of color will vary for each pair. When ordering full custom, you are paying either for the new pair of shoes plus consultation and the complete process to deliver the final product to you. Or if sending in your own pair of shoes, you are paying for the latter part of the process.
  • Q: What does the shipping cost include?
  • A: Each custom shoe order will incur a shipping & handling fee. Rates will vary based on location and weight of the package. This fee includes a generated label when shipping your shoes to our custom studio and the shipping back to you after completion. Please allow up to 24 hours to receive the consultation email that includes a shipping label.
  • Q: What is the timeline?
  • A: Turnaround time can vary based on backlog, the pre-approval phase, and shipping & handling. For the seasonal designs, it can take up to 2 weeks plus or minus a few days for shipping and handling. For full custom, from the moment the artwork has been approved it can take anywhere between 2-4 weeks plus or minus a few days for shipping and handling. Keep in mind, all custom orders are cleaned and prepped before being painted.
  • Q: What is your return policy?
  • A: No refunds or returns. So PLEASE provide the correct info on your order, size, shipping address and design questions. For warranty or crash repair, see below.
  • Q: What is your warranty?
  • A: We are currently not manufacturing our own shoes, therefore there is no warranty on the shoe. You are welcome to contact the manufacture of the shoe for warranty inquiries. Artwork warranty only applies to defects not specific to wear and tear or damages caused by a crash. Please contact us for warranty or crash repair service at Please have your order number ready.
  • Q: What size do I need?
  • A: At the moment we do not manufacture our own shoes, please refer to the respective brand size chart for the most accurate sizing. (Pro-Tip) For a more precise fit, measure your feet using the standing up, weight bearing method. Ensure to take measurement while sock less and preferable later in the day as feet will swell throughout the day.
  • Q: Can you paint any theme?
  • A: We are in the business of keeping things cool, easy, and neutral. And for this reason there are some themes that we will NOT paint. The following include; any holiday, religious, patriotic subjects or controversial social topics. We reserve the right to decline requests that violate this policy. If you are unsure please email us your design ideas at before purchasing

Still have questions?

There are no silly questions. If the answer to your question is not listed, or you need help choosing the right size, or have more questions on the full custom shoe option send us a email at We are here to assist, one of our advisors will be in touch shortly.