Technology with a personality

Hidden technology. The details that make Handske cycling gloves awesome are not always obvious. There's so much technology and craftsmanship right in the palm of your hands.

Our hand worthy gloves features innovative designs and tech like silicon-printed palms for better grip, stylish AND protective full-finger protection, touch-screen compatibility and a full-size terrycloth thumbs to clear the view.


Stylish protection
Full fingers to protect your hands from road rash in case of a crash

Full size terrycloth thumb
For wiping your face after grinding up alpine climbs. Also works for wiping the smile off your face after bombing back down.

touch screen compatibility

Because nobody likes taking their gloves off to capture that perfect moment

Silicone printed palm

Super sticky print to make sure your hands stay on the bars in a rain storm or desert heat

Neoprene cuffs

A velcro free solution that provides stability to your wrists and doesn't mess up your jersey fabric in the laundry

Extra lean fit

Handske gloves are designed to fit like a surgical glove. A tight fit ensures the best bar feel and minimizes bunching around your grips