Handske Gloves Brand Ambassadors

Our Handske Gloves brand ambassadors are called The High Five Crew. Riders committed to Handske Glove's mission of bringing an end to boring gloves. "Hand" selected to wear our gloves, and some of the finest human beings you'll ever meet.  Say 'Up top!' when you meet them.

Timothy rugg


Band frontman and blue collar IT guy gone gravel and #vanlife enthusiast. Tim travels to all the gravel races to collect images, stories and podium spots.

Bikes, vans and coffee.

monica de leon

@mncdeleon @encouragehercycling

Monica is a big advocate for womens cycling. She also owns the largest privately held sock collection in LA county.

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Adrian Flores


Let those whimsical passions guide you and you’ll find things that bring out your best self.

pictures of purple bikes

Jeff curtes


Takes mean photos but is not actually mean.

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alexis zink


Former dream crusher in the DC crit scene, now capturer of #sunsetvibes.
Alexis named her dog after ice cream.

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Brian Co


Brian grew up in a cycling family and is the voice and creator of the SoCal Cyclist Podcast. 

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District Taco racing


A band of brothers and sisters, bound by a love for fast bikes and tacos. Their mantra: Ride hard, Have fun, Don't be a jerk. Orale!

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MAtt Surch


Father, blogger, sometimes #SURCHandDESTROY other times #SURCHandRESCUE. 

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