Windproof Bicycle Gloves

Finding the right balance between blocking airflow and breathability used to be a challenge. Handske Windproof gloves are the perfect companion to protect you from cold weather elements and make you look like a million bucks!

Handske Windproof gloves are designed with fabric membranes to provide coverage in temperatures ranging from 32 degrees to 50 degrees. With just the right density of insulation without the loss of finger dexterity, this makes them ideal for road cycling, mountain bike, gravel bike, cyclocross racing, winter running, winter hiking, and even kart racing.

Windproof Glove Tech

Windproof Cycling Gloves features our standard tech plus:

  • Longer cuff than our standard model for extra coverage around the often-exposed wrist area
  • Glove fabrics with brushed backs providing Windproof insulation
  • Top panels lined with a breathable membrane to block the wind without adding bulk, keeping you warm and in control
  • Glove membranes with micro perforations making it easier for your hands to breathe and shed some heat
  • For the 3rd generation, released in Jan of 2022, features a water resistant membrane top fabric. Keeps external moisture out.


Not sure what size you need? Check out our sizing page for help. And don't sweat it if you order the wrong size. We're happy to exchange your unused gloves for a better size. If you still need assistance, just click the red chat symbol on the bottom right-hand side of the page.