June 02, 2021 2 min read

If you are reading this, by now you have already either owned a pair of Handske cycling gloves and or signed up to learn more about our bicycle gloves. If you are the latter this may be the ideal timing and essential read for making an informed decision when it comes to which size to order. Or if you are in the first category and have just slipped on your first pair of Handske gloves this may be the confirmation you are seeking in your decision to try our gloves.


Saying a design and fit is unique without any further rooted explanation leaves for an uncertain or non-conclusive determination. And that is something that we as a brand are not stoked on. We are too passionate to let it go unnoticed and for this reason we want to share with you the ‘why’ our fit is uniquely different from other gloves you have tested before.


As a designer focused brand, it is important to understand user experience, expectations, and feedback; altogether known as user perception. Putting the time early in the design phase to analyze this and include personal experience is vital to ensure the final product is the best possible solution to filling a void and reducing negative impact on the user. From this was born Handske Gloves. A cycling glove for sport made to fit the profile of a surgical glove.


Why imitate a surgical-like fit? With the help of many experienced cyclists and hand specialists, we didn’t discover a new issue but rather addressed a common problem typically ignored. Hand pain, blistering, and habitual pressure points although may derive from many causes, a prominent one is created from extra material bunching and further creating these unwanted effects. For this reason, we make it an important step in our design to remove as much as possible that unnecessary fabric and adopting a pre-curved fit. Afterall, the natural hand position of a cyclist 99% of time is holding on to or wrapping around a handlebar. (See image 1)

(image 1)


We included a cycling gloves size guide in the ‘Features’ menu of our website as a tool to get as close as possible to picking the correct size. However, creating measurements based on a pre-curved fit has minor challenges considering body anatomy is uniquely different in each person. For this reason, the guide is only a starting point. Keeping in mind the following factors will assist in making an informed decision: the size of your current product, information above regarding our design, using a pre-curved approach to fit and not a stretched out one (See image 2), and lastly free exchanges. We have your experience completely in mind, if you still feel a looser fitting glove is more your style, send it back using our free exchange program.

(image 2)

In our third season in since being established, we are extremely grateful to our faithful users for all the positive feedback and sharing in this approach to wearing cycling gloves. We strive to keep this awareness and attention to making gloves for many years to come.

Stay tuned for more on our other glove features!