October 27, 2020 1 min read

Whether you are everesting, hero dirt shredding, gravel grinding, time trialing, descending, KOM or QOM hunting, sprinting, or simply just cruising the two wheels for a quick loop around, do it with passion. Since our inception, we have carried out what we call the Wear We Ride campaign. This is with the whole intention to see where our gloves take you to adventure. And since we can't physically be there to soak up the view and the greatness, what better way to share in the stoke via social media in the form of a simple picture and hashtag. So remember the next time you are out on your ride with your Handske gloves, snap a pic, gram it, and tag us using #wearweride.


Picture: manual on how to have a great time with your Handske Gloves & document it for the gram.


Q: Why is it Wear instead of Where? Well although it is pronounced the same, you can't where gloves, you wear gloves. It combines wearing our gloves and where you take them to ride.