January 29, 2022 2 min read



Launching a product can sometimes come with its set of challenges, and in the current manufacturing climate these can be exponentially tougher. One thing we don't do is rush to market. And for this reason the product has to be done right even if that means delays are present. This was the case with these newly updated winter gloves. Cold weather gloves on a normal schedule typically come to market just ahead of the winter season, and as much as we gave our upmost effort to stay on schedule, some things fall out of our control, especially when it pertains to manufacturing.


Our goal was to make a cold weather glove with an updated top fabric sharing not only wind blocking properties but also water resistance qualities. To our misfortune there was a severe shortage of this top fabric limiting our capacity to produce them on time. We were left with making 1 of 2 choices, either we produce the glove with the same fabric as our previous generations, which only offered wind blocking and deliver faster or be patient and await completion of our new WR fabric. We chose the latter. And we feel we made the right call even if it cost us a couple months delay. We feel confident you would agree with us and that this newly developed glove will be enjoyed on the hands of our many faithful followers and amongst new Handske glove users alike. After all, there is still 1 to 2 months more of cold weather depending on the region you call home and we know the riding can't stop and won't stop. 



To conclude, you will notice the new improvement on the glove will provide warmth in lower temperatures than the previous generation, protection from rain or snow from the WR fabric, provide adequate breathability, and will be pleasantly amazed by the vivid colors of the fresh new artistic designs.


Thank you for the patience and hope you get to pick up a pair and give them a good run before they get packed up until next winter comes around. 

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