September 09, 2022 2 min read

Have you ever sat down in your car’s trunk, after a long bike ride and think about the multiple places stickers can be put on? Let’s start with our very own Handske die-cut stickers. Yes, those you receive inside the polymailer every time you buy from us. Where do you place those? On your bike? Helmet? Laptop? Gym locker? Car’s Bumper? Yeti cooler? Car rack? On Friday nights bar table? Or somewhere along the trail?  

Nowadays, everybody (or the majority of the people I should say) like stickers. They have become one of the most popular ways of advertising a brand or business’s image. Especially when we are talking about custom stickers in specific. Custom stickers bring brands to life making it one of the easiest ways to promote and leave a mark everywhere a sticker is placed. We can’t deny it, every time one catches your attention with its detail you automatically search for the brand within that sticker, especially when they are bold, colorful and creative. It is impossible to look the other way. You are engaged now and the need to know more about that sticker takes over. The Googling begins. If they were able to create such an impact on you with just a sticker, then discovering the products or service that brand sells will blow your mind! 

Handske has always been about authenticity and standing out. We were created to create things custom and focusing on all the detail has been our mission since Day-1. We are all unique and different, just as stickers are. We as individuals, like different colors, different shapes, different sizes. And just as stickers, every single one of us has a different story to tell. This is why, at Handske, we choose Sticker Mule as our go to option when it comes to making stickers. Because of their originality, many options, user friendly interface, and great customer service. Coincidently that is also what Handske is all about. 

 We like custom, and we like custom stickers delivered fast.