February 27, 2020 1 min read

UPDATE! No, we haven’t been MIA. It’s been a timely development, but a forward progress we feel confident you will be very happy with. If you haven’t already seen our socials, we gave a peek into a pair of the new designs that will be coming out this spring. You the user speaks. We answer.


Along with new super cool designs, we took the coolness a step further. The new full finger glove collection will come with a new top fabric for maximum breathability (goodbye heat!) and an update to the touch screen sensitive material (yes to tapping ‘like’ on that cute puppy post). With your feedback, you challenged us to introduce version 2 of the already loved Handske OG cycling glove. However, this cost us a bit of time. Our schedule to introduce the new designs by mid-February will now be mid-March. We sincerely apologize for this delay, but we promise you will not be disappointed.



Shop all previous collection styles that remain in stock here:

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We anticipate another update on the status of the spring collection in the coming weeks, but that’s it for now! Thank you again for the patience, rad support, and all the love!


-We gLove you!