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This is the part where we really miss the high-fives, so we are encouraging everyone to reach out and support each other as we are dealt with uncharted territory. Although apart (social distancing) we are in this together. A simple message, a simple air high five or wave, and a simple share of tips and advice comforts your fellow comrade in this time of need. 

And this is exactly what our priority is and always has been, You. We unite and share a few tips of our own along with resources outlined by advocates of the outdoor community.

1. Listen to local officials. Above all, respect and follow recommendations and restrictions of local governments and health officials. If you have the green light to exercise outside, then enjoy safely. If not pause, jump on the trainer, start the warm up and resume the reading.

2. Hygiene. If you are ready to go outside, practice good hygiene. Although we encourage this to be practiced on a regular basis, today is the time to exaggerate good hygiene. As always keep your bicycle gloves clean by practicing DDHD (glove care). Rigorous hand washing, per the CDC, scrubbing should last at least 20 seconds. 

3. Distance. This doesn't apply to going the distance, in this case practice social distancing. Group rides are a no go. This is the time to practice your solo pace, or challenge your significant other to the nearby K(Q)OM segment. Limit the outside ride to short distances. This reduces the necessity for refill stops which can lead to exposure to larger groups. 

4. Protection. For both yourself and for those whom you may come into nearby contact with. Wear a disposable face mask or buff and gloves. Wearing bicycle gloves, assist in reducing direct contact with surfaces that may have been exposed to the infection. And although masks aren't a safe bet protection against the infection, they are effective in reducing the potential of getting infected. Don't forget to practice good hygiene with these items and immediately wash them post ride. Refer to the WHO for more information on proper practice for masks.

The unknown is developing on a daily basis, so please stay tuned via any of the two links provided below. And the CDC.

 Learn More >>> Here    

 Learn More >>> Here

We are doing our part. Please do yours so that we can continue to enjoy and share this sport and planet. Together. 

#beRAD #WeGLOVEyou