January 09, 2020 2 min read

The million-dollar question. What is the difference between Windstopper gloves and Windproof gloves? The simple answer is there are very small differences and even to some, very unnoticeable ones.

The major player in this category of clothing technology, GORE-TEX invented this wind-blocking technology in the 1980’s, and since then has been adopted and used by many brands in the cycling gloves industry and many more in the outdoor industry. Its early success and effectiveness in various outdoor sporting activities, prompted other brands to invest into creating their own version of Windstopper technology. 

Photo Credit: www.gore-tex.com

Lets quickly touch on what this technology means and how it applies to you, the user. Gore-Tex Windstopper’s membrane is an ultra-thin protective layer that is integrated directly into your bicycle gloves at the time of manufacturing. This super protective top layer is totally windproof and this means that wind cannot pass on through to your hands, therefore keeping your fingers warmer for longer. This membrane is also constructed with billions of pores that are 900 times larger than that of water vapor molecules which means that sweat vapor can exit easily for a more comfortable dry feel. Can we all cheer ‘NO CLAMMY HANDS HERE!’ All this put together, provides excellent moisture management, high breathability, comfort, and warmth during any cold active day.


Handske Gloves has jumped on board with a commitment to always keep our users comfortable in every possible climate. While we are not using Gore-Tex Windstopper membranes, together with our manufacturer we went on a search to find the perfect Windproof gloves membrane that fits the needs of winter active users. This led to the development of a Windproof cycling glove with the similar wind-blocking technology found in Windstopper membranes.

Either way your pair of bicycle gloves should contain some form of Windproof membrane for exceptional comfort during the cold months. We at Handske Gloves embrace what winter has to offer, and we like to encourage our users to do the same and get outside.

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