Indigo Cycling Gloves


    We reinvented the glove to fit like a glove. Our Indigo cycling glove is so lightweight you'll barely notice you're wearing it. You'll be able to enjoy your longer rides without feeling the sweaty, claustrophobic feeling of wearing bulky gloves. It has all the essential features for ultimate comfort without unnecessary additions that only add extra weight. 

    Our Indigo cycling glove has a unique design inspired by Mother Nature. It represents the discovery of a new freedom and the universal force felt aboard two wheels.

    This versatile, lightweight glove is perfect for cyclocross, gravel biking, mountain biking, and road cycling. 

  • All of our full finger gloves are made of soft, breathable, durable fabrics and the following features:

    - Confidence inspiring silicone-printed palms
    - Neoprene cuffs for maximum comfort and flexibility
    - Touch screen sensitivity for easy connectivity
    - Extra-lean fit for gnar control
    - Stylish graphics to match your gear
    - Full-size thumb terrycloth to wipe the sweat off