Your Handske Cycling Gloves arrived clean and nothing feels better than slipping on new gear and looking fresh to death on the Sunday ride. But let’s face it: mud, dust and wiping sweat off your face probably makes them look less rad by the end of the day. Practice D.D.H.D to keep them in top rad shape.


Do Not Marinate

Like your jersey and any product containing lycra, it is not good to have your gloves hang out in your gear bag or the back of the truck. Sweat contains a lot of salt and salt destroys fabrics. As soon as you come home from the ride, make kit cleaning part of the recovery process.

Pro tip: if you don’t have a chance to wash your gloves immediately, jump in the shower with all your gear on. Rinse your kit and leave it to drip dry until you can do a proper wash.

Delicate Cycle

When available use a delicates laundry bag. Turn the gloves inside out to protect the print. Use a wash cycle for delicates and cold water. Go easy on the spin, high RPMs put a lot of stress on your gloves.

Do not mix fragile items with heavy items. Zippers, rivets, and velcro will wreak havoc on your synthetic gloves. Mix the gloves with cycling jerseys and bib shorts, shoe covers with heavy zips can go in the next load with the jeans.


Our labels say Hand Wash Only for good reason. Machines can be rough on gloves.

Use a mild detergent and warm water, if it is too hot for your hands, it is too hot for your gloves. Carefully rub the gloves together to remove stains. Rinse the gloves and squeeze out the water without wringing them. Then leave them to hang dry.

Do Not Use Dryers

Do not use them. Dryers use a lot of heat and the synthetic leather palms and lycra parts of your Handske gloves are no fans. Excessive heat dries out the leather, making it stiff and fragile for your next ride. Elastane (the stuff that makes your spandex stretchy) dries out and breaks after frequent use in the dryer. Hang your gloves to dry in the shade instead.