Comic Short Finger Cycling Glove

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NEW for summer of 2020, our short finger Comic glove features a soft, resistant top fabric to fight off the summer heat. This bright yet subtle design brings a fresh feeling forward from the likes of the 80's. This glove also features the following Glove tech:

- Confidence inspiring silicone-printed palms

- Maximum control with a lean fit

- Bold graphics to match your gear

- Full-size terrycloth sweat wipe for staying cool

- & new simple cuff for maximum breathability & flexibility

Our short finger premium gloves are the dedicated road cycling glove, but also makes the perfect warm weather glove for cyclocross, gravel bike, & mountain bike.

Designed by

Back at it again, Kyle rediscovers his childhood love for comic books and links it to his new passion of art & cycling in a subtle but vivid style. Every ride in these will bring to light the superhero in you. KA-POW!