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Doodles Short Finger Cycling Glove


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  • Designed by Karl a.k.a. Bluehippo, the Doodles glove features a soft, resistant top fabric to fight off the summer heat. This design reminds us that there is no such thing as a bad ride, even if riding in a maze of circles. The glove comes packed with the necessary features for rides of all distances. 

    Our short finger premium gloves are the dedicated road cycling glove, but also makes the perfect warm weather glove for cyclocross, gravel bike, & mountain bike.

  • All of our short finger gloves are made of soft, breathable fabrics and the following features:

    - Confidence inspiring silicone-printed palms
    - Soft & light evenly padded fabric
    - Simple lightweight cuff for maximum flexibility
    - bold graphics to compliment your favorite gear
    - Lean fit for maximum control and grip
    - Full-size thumb terrycloth to wipe the sweat off